Environmental protection is important to us

The future of our children and heirs is also close to our hearts. We want to leave our descendants an intact nature for humans and animals. Therefore, we are constantly working on a comprehensive
sustainability concept and a quality strategy.

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Our concept is already bearing fruit:

Our electricity is green because it is generated 100 percent from renewable energy sources. At the same time, CO2 emissions are very low.

We clean in the hotel with environmentally friendly cleaning agents, which relieve the nature and pay attention to ecologically degradable cleaning agents. In most cases, these are also more skin-friendly and better tolerated by guests with allergies. We also rely on bulk packaging. Dosing systems make it easier for us to use cleaning agents in housekeeping and fill exact portions.

Many of our products offered in all areas are filled in smaller containers. In this way, we relieve not only the environment but also your wallet and save further packaging waste.

You decide whether you want your room cleaned every day. This way we save not only the water and energy costs and the money for cleaning agents, but also staff. Just give a short notice at the reception.

Have towels changed only every other day. This saves an average of 135,000 liters of water per year in a 50-room hotel. By using towels and bed linen more than once, we save a lot of energy and water. It also has less of an impact on the environment, since the reduced amount of laundry also means that significantly fewer detergents and cleaning agents are used.

We buy the food for our hotel as far as possible seasonal and regional. This not only supports the local economy and promotes the bond of the regions, but is also environmentally friendly due to short transport distances. Of course, not everything can be grown or produced in our immediate vicinity. But even here there are possibilities not to lose sight of sustainability in the hotel. We pay attention to the organic certification and fair trade seal for supraregional products.

We already have 3 destination chargers for your e-car

In planning: a supercharger for e-cars that is powered by a photovoltaic system

ToGo without plastic, we use recyclable disposable tableware